The Importance of Having a Family Dentist

The Importance of Having a Family Dentist

You and your family’s dental health plays an important factor in overall your health!  Although more research is needed there have been many connections associated with gum disease (a source of chronic inflammation) and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and respiratory diseases.  Furthermore, childhood decay is still considered the most common diseases that children face today.  Finding a local family dentist is the first step in the process toward improving your dental health.

Establishing a relationship with a dental practice allows for early detection and preventive maintenance which are best ways we can improve your dental health. Many times by the time something hurts in your mouth, solutions often involve more extensive treatment like root canals or extractions.  Most cavities detected from x-rays or radiographs can be fix with simple procedures. At Primecare we will work with you in improving and maintaining your gums, as well as, help you in developing healthy habits.

Another benefit of having a family dentist is having all your family’s records in one place which improves efficiency and communication. Developing a long term relationship with a dental practice allows your dentist to make better decisions on your overall care based on an established history.

While finding a dental practice can involve many factors, which may include proximity, insurance requirements or services offered, many times considering an office that you can trust can become the most important factor.  

Here at Prime Care Dental, we are mindful of your needs and focus on providing you and your family with high quality, gentle dentistry.  We are able to take time with you and develop the best treatment specific to you!  We attend many hours of continuing education through out the year which helps us deliver the care that you deserve.  

Our established staff have many years of experience and they are focused on making your experience the best that it can be!  Our dentists and hygienist are connected with other local health care providers through out Nairobi, which enables us to collaborate and provide comprehensive care for you and your family.  

Primecare Dental is here for you! Please feel free to give us a call at +254 722 400 550 for an appointment!